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Flying a premium brand straight into the ground Written on July 4, 2011 by dhord in Continental Airlines Some ten years ago, I was always pleased to introduce someone to Continental Airlines. My apartment is decorated with so much vintage Continental Airlines swag that people always assume I work for the “Proud Bird”. Now, even I have begun to speak… Continue reading More incomplete posts

What a merger is, and what a merger is not (incomplete)

I keep reading in forums and in the mainstream media that United Airlines “bought” Continental Airlines. It’s not what happened at all. United and Continental agreed to merge. A merger is a combination of two companies into a single enterprise. A purchase is a purchase. When United and Continental agreed to merge, they created a…

United (Continental) already proving my point

Written on October 22, 2011 by dhord in 747-8i, Continental Airlines, United Airlines UnitedContinental Holdings (how long before the Continental part turns to dust?) has already started meeting my expectations by demonstration some outstanding financial performance numbers – three times better than is Delta, who has had over two additional years to reap what they have sown. Check this out – One Reason… Continue reading United (Continental) already proving my point

Continental Airlines – 1934 – 30Nov2011

Written on November 30, 2011 by dhord in Uncategorized The two airlines formed by Jim Varney are now one. Even though corporate combination was concluded a year ago, today at midnight GMT, Continental and United operated under a single operating certificate. Although it is Continental’s operating certificate that survives, at 1200 Zulu 30November2011, the Continental call sign is replaced with the UAL sign – “UAL”.… Continue reading Continental Airlines – 1934 – 30Nov2011

Trip report – SWA flight 1418 MCO-HOU

Written on December 26, 2012 by dhord in Uncategorized DrDivo: Last night. inbound AC from Manchester. Sits on the ramp at MCO for nearly 45 minutes. Flight crew is late on a different inbound. Everyone’s seated, every seat full. DrDivo: Pilots arriving board aircraft. DrDivo: 20 minutes pass. DrDivo: Pilot in command walks back to the exit row (where I had plopped down) and… Continue reading Trip report – SWA flight 1418 MCO-HOU

Trip report – An Audience with the Queen of the Skies

Written on May 9, 2016 by Guy Felder in 747, Hotels, United Airlines United is retiring its 747’s soon (keep an eye out for a post about why soon) so the Fabulair guys decided to take a ride on these planes before they disappear from the fleets of carriers in the Unite d States. United has been running 747’s on repositioning flights… Continue reading Trip report – An Audience with the Queen of the Skies